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Hebert High Class of 1970
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President: George Ralph Bell

Vice President: Jimmy Moore

Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Nell Keyes

Secretary: Sherry Jones

Reporter: Irma Strother

Treasurer: Adeline Fontenot

Business Manager: Arthur Bradberry

Parliamentarian:  Leon Dennis

Chaplain: Malcolm Russell Gage



President: George Bell

Vice President:  Jimmy Moore

Chairman:  Anthony Barber

Recording Secretary: Jolene Peacock-Semien

Assistant Recording Secretary:  Rose Thierry-Leger

Chaplin:  Lynell Green-Segura

Scholarship Committee:  Jimmy Moore/Lionell Sims/Alice Rubin-Harmon

Treasurer: Lucy Kirkwood-White

Assistant Treasurers: Alice Rubin-Harmon/Veroncia Talmore-Leslie                          

Media and Communication: Barbara Scott-George/Adeline Fontenot-Bogan/Phyllis Renfro-Russell                                                                                                              

Bereavement: Haywood Bias/Laulis Loville/Dr. Debra Williams/Lucy Kirkwood-White                                                                                                                                                            
Decoration and Hospitality: Brenda Mayfield/Veronica Talmore-Leslie/Sonji Sherwood Carter/Roy Lee Stelly                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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Hebert High Class of 1970
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